Kick Off Soccer Academy

Table of contents:

  • Logistic organization
  • Classes and groups of Soccer School
  • Organization chart and techical requirements
  • Techincal project and young player’s rights
  • The training schedules and the training session
  • The basic activity (5-12 years old) : the annual technical program


Logistic Organization :

Kick Off Soccer Academy will be organized inside soccer fields of schools in cities of UAE.

The school system organization of UAE is private, every single institute has their own field, like in the United States and Kick Off Soccer Academy will work like an “after school activity.”

In the beginning the project will start in some schools that will be chosen based on position, number of students and the education level offered.


Soccer School Classes and Groups :

The soccer school classes will follow the Italian model (F.I.G.C.)

Each group will have an name.


The Training Program :

  • 5 to 6 and 7 to 8 years old:
  • 2 weekly training sessions per week duration 1hour 15mins plus a friendly match during the weekend.
  • 9 to16 years old:
  • 3 training sessions per week duration 1hour 30min plus a tournament match during the weekend against the other soccer schools.


Organization Chart and Techical Requirements




  • The presence of Italian technical managers will be extremely important. Other academies have locals and Arabic managers.
  • Coaches will be selected from UAE and Italy. Physical education degree, Soccer Coaching license, fluent English and coaching experience are required

The Technical Project and Young Player Rights

The technical project will be  the model to follow, made by the technical management and inspired by  the guide lines of the company.

The success of the project will be based on rules giving to each employee with specific tasks. The project will be monitored in all its phases. The technical program must be clear and include all the aspects.

The technical project will be developed in 3 years.


Our soccer school will follow the guidelines of the  Italian federation (FIGC).

It is very important to respect the rights of the young player of the soccer school. The center of the project is based on the soccer education of the students.

  • Right to play and have fun
  • Right to play sport
  • Right to benefit from an healthy environment
  • Right to be surrounded by qualified staff
  • Right to be safe and healthy
  • Right to participate at competitions for different age groups
  • Right to don’t be a champion


The Training Schedules and Sessions


  • Each training session will follow the technical program that will be communicated by the technical manager during the meetings.
  • The program for each category will be yearly and will develop technical, physical, and motor skills.
  • Every training session will be managed by the training outline that each coach will write and give to the technical manager at the end of session.
  • The total training schedules will be the training book of each coach.
  • This way will help coaches to share ideas and the head coach to critique their work.