About Youna


YOUNA Projects :

  • Part of the Silk Road Global Projects has been activated by Youna in the following cases:
    • Youna’s working groups. (Provides services in all social fields).
    • Youna Service Structures , Youna Garden. (Tourist and commercial services in 100,000 units).
    • Youna House (100,000 units residential service).
    • Youna Spa (10,000 units welfare service).
    • Youna road services (gas station- gas and … 1000 units).
    • Youna Motel. (1000 motils are anticipated and in place for Iran).
    • Youna Restaurants. (There are 500 Italian pizza restaurants in the business plan).
    • Youna Marine Structures (1000 Units Marine Residential Services).
    • Download other Youna structures from the download section, if  you needed.
    • In free and special economic zones in Iran (Youna colection structures + Youna motel + Youna workshops + assembly halls + Youna factories) will be established.
  • Any social ideas that are entrepreneurs and applicable to Youna will be entered into it.


  • Silk Road Complex consists of Iranian investors residing abroad and foreigners eager to invest
  • In Iran and Iranians eager to invest inside the country.
  • This collection benefits from the experiences of more than a century of engineers, specialists – consultants and foreign and domestic bankers
  • Our foreign partners:
    • About 1,000 reputable global brands and companies, including banks, investment institutions, engineers, university designers and professors, and industry and mining professionals.

Please email us if you have any suggestions: silkroadstarsit@gmail.com your comments and suggestions