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About Youna

 Youna projects


The projects are part of the global Silk Road project that has been established by Youna in the following cases

  •  Work and task of Youna groups. (In all branches of social services)
  •  Service structures of Youna, Youna Garden. (Tourist and commercial services in 100,000 units
  •  Youna House (100,000 units per person)
  •  Youna Spa (Welfare Service 10,000 units)
  •  Youna Cross-road services (petrol-gas station and etc. 1000 units)
  •  Motels of Youna. (1,000 motels are foreseen to be on display in Iran)
  •  Youna Restaurants. (500 Italian pizza restaurants are on the agenda)
  •  Youna Marine Structures (1000 Units of Residential Services)

Download other Youna structures from the download section, if needed

Any social idea that is entrepreneurial and applicable to Youna is warmly welcomed

The Silk Road Set consists of Iranian investors living abroad and foreign investors keen on investing in Iran and Iranians keen on investing in Iran.

This complex has acquired the collection of experiences of over a century from engineers, specialists, consultants and foreign and domestic bankers

Our Foreign Partners

  • 906 brands and world-renowned companies that include banks, investment firms, engineers, university scholars, designers, industry and mining professionals

The Iranian colleagues considered on our behalf

  • All our representative departments throughout the cities and provincial centers are ready for duty and further actions